The CURSOR drone fleet was recently presented by CURSOR’s partner ISCC at a seminar held by the Austrian Army on 5-6th October 2020 in Felixdorf. The meeting was attended by top level goverment officials.

The CURSOR drone fleet consists of:

Mothership Drone: The mothership drone provides continuous situational awareness as “Eye-in-the Sky” with a powerful zoom-video camera, and can also serve as a stationary communications drone, coordinating communication between the SMURF, the drone-system and first responders on scene.

Transport Drones: The transport drone transports the SMURF to the disaster site and drops it off in the debris. It helps to increase the safety of first responders.

Ground penetrating radar drone: The ground-penetrating radar drone carries the ground penetrating radar (GPR) which scans the disaster site to detect signs of any trapped victims. This helps to locate the victims.

3-D modelling drones: This drone swarm takes pictures and provides a 3-D model of the area, which further increases the situational awareness and assists in planning further rescue operations.

Participants showed a great interest in the CURSOR drone fleet and look forward to follow up its future developments.