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Robotics innovations in urban search and rescue operations at the HNPW 2022

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Robotics technologies are in an active process of convergence towards innovative solutions with great benefit for urban search and rescue.

Urban Search and Rescue Robotics is a relatively new research field dealing with systems that support first response units in disaster missions. Especially mobile ground robots can be highly valuable tools in urban rescue missions after catastrophes like earthquakes. The robots can be used to inspect collapsed structures, to assess the situation and to search and locate victims. There are many engineering and scientific challenges in this domain. Rescue robots not only have to be designed for the challenging environmental conditions of disasters, but they also need advanced capabilities like intelligent behaviours to accelerate the search and rescue operations.

Robots provide numerous benefits for disaster response. They can often fit into places humans can’t, they can operate in environments humans can’t, they can operate continuously without sleep, they can even outperform humans in certain tasks, and most importantly they are replaceable. Robots can be sent places which are too dangerous for human rescue workers, which is often needed in disaster areas.

Robotics innovations in urban search and rescue operations at the HNPW 2022

On behalf of CURSOR project we would like to invite you to a workshop where we will:

  • learn more about current ground robotic research in the urban search and rescue field,
  • explore the recent developments in the ground robotics research based on the EU research project CURSOR example and
  • get a first responder’s perspective of the robots application during the search and rescue deployments.

Speakers: moderation Evangelos Sdongos (ASTRIAL, Germany), Prof. Satoshi Tadokoro (Tohoku University, Japan), Tiina Ristmäe (THW, Germany)

Date & time: 5 May 2022 09:00 – 10:30 CET

Location: Remote participation. Dial-ins will be sent to the registered workshop participants.

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