The CURSOR Project

Coordinated Use of miniaturised Robotic equipment and advanced Sensors for search and rescue OpeRations

CURSOR – Accelerating Search and Rescue operations

A new European research initiative developing a CURSOR Search and Rescue Kit using drones, miniaturised robotic equipment, and advanced sensors reducing time for detection and rescue of victims trapped under debris while increasing the personal safety of the SaR teams. This project came to an end after the Final Demonstration and Stakeholder Event in February 2023. 

CURSOR final video taking you through the project. 

CURSOR Final Video

Watch the our mini-documentary looking back at this exiting project to learn more about its most promising results.











CURSOR aims to meet the first responders' needs

In the face of natural or man-made disaster, urban search and rescue teams and other first responders like police, medical units or civil protection race against the clock to locate survivors within the critical 72 golden hours timeframe, often at their own peril due to the presence of instable structures or hazardous environments.

In order to speed up the detection of survivors trapped in collapsed buildings and to improve working conditions for the first responders, the CURSOR project will devise novel technologies using drones, miniaturised robotic equipment and advanced sensors.










CURSOR is closely collaborating with first responders and solution providers

CURSOR’s consortium has formed a unique internal on-going collaboration between leading SaR first responders and top notch solution providers making sure that the CURSOR SaR Kit will meet the functional and operational needs of the users on the field.

The consortium will be supported by leading experts as part of the First Responders Board.

CURSOR official presentation video giving an overview on the project.

CURSOR videos

Learn more about the CURSOR project when checking out our video library showing how the different technologies are being tested in lab and field tests.


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