Small Scale Field Test 1.4, Drones and Radar, 28-30 June 2021, Germany

On 29 and 30 June 2021, the CURSOR project consortium tested the drone fleet and ground penetrating radar (GPR) in Freising, Germany. The test was organised jointly by ISCC and THW, with the aim of providing first responder with hands-on experience and validating the drone fleet and GPR in realistic scenarios. During the two days’ event, 24 test participants gathered at the THW exercise site as well as at a nearby, bigger drone-testing facility, in order to thoroughly test the radar device and the sub-systems of the drone fleet, for the first responders to familiarize themselves with the technology, to discuss tactical considerations during SaR operations, and to improve the drone fleet and GPR overall.

The test results showed that the CURSOR drone fleet provides FR with improved situational awareness during earthquake operations and made possible remote operations that increase the safety of FR.

This test has been broadly covered by the press, find out more here.

In the next field test, the process and tactics have to be tested to establish the best operational workflow when deploying the drone fleet and GPR.