“First responders have practical experience on the field and developers the technical know-how,” explains Klaus Dieter Büttgen, coordinator of the CURSOR project at the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW). “Through this unique collaboration between technical partners, industry, academics and first responders, expertise will be transformed into a novel technology that contributes to locating buried victims more swiftly and with less risk for the people conducting the research operation.”

The CURSOR Consortium represents a major effort to enhance the collaboration between first responders and technological solution providers. The project matches the operational needs of search and rescue teams with current technological capabilities resulting in a solution developed hand in hand with and assessed by first responders in near to real life scenarios. This collaboration is supported by standardisation, ethics, media and management experts, enhancing the relevance of the project and increasing its impact after its lifetime. To enhance the knowledge transfer into the project and from the project outside, the CURSOR has established a First Responders Board (FRB) consisting of a world known SaR experts who can contribute from the their knowledge and expertise to the developement of the CURSOR SaR Kit.

CURSOR group meeting