First field trial for the fleet of drones in Felixdorf, Austria on 25-26th August

First field trial for the fleet of drones in Felixdorf, Austria on 25-26th August

The CURSOR project is carrying out the first trial for the fleet of drones in Austria on 25-26th August.

One primary objective of the project is to develop an innovative CURSOR SaR Kit that will be mobile, fast to deploy and easy to operate. In addition, CURSOR focuses on the reduction of time needed for deployment of  SaR personnel and equipment, for situational assessment during urban SaR operations and for onsite disaster response.

An important component of the SaR Kit is the CURSOR Drone Fleet, consisting of: (1) Tethered drone with HD video camera, flood lights, megaphone and WiFi access point, serving as 24/7 „Eye in the Sky“ at the disaster zone ; (2) Five drones in swarm formation, providing an HD video overview and a 3D model of the disaster zone; (3) Ground penetrating radar mounted on a drone, identifying buried victims; (4) Heavy-lifting drone, carrying a container filled with ground-based robots, equipped with sensors and flying to locations with high probability of finding survivors. Each drone will undergo ruggedization, as well as tests under laboratory conditions and in the field.



The CURSOR project partner ISCC is conducting the test of drones in the field conduction. The CURSOR drones and Ground penetrating radar lab tests take place in the military exercise site in Felixdorf, Austria.

In two days mothership drone, 3-D modelling drones, GPR drones and GPR will be tested with the presence of USAR first responders and drone pilots. The first responders role is  to observe the usability of the technology in USAR missions.